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Poppy Sloane


We are Offering some of the most advanced, sophisticated solutions to makeup, we have developed an extensive lineup of key cosmetic products that underpin most ladies’ makeup bags. Poppy Sloane takes pride in providing extremely British, high-class products for you. Renowned for our exceptional reputation, we strive to make sure that whatever we supply is low maintenance as not everyone has the time to keep applying makeup throughout the day. Women live a busy lifestyle, though with our items, there’s one less thing to be anxious about. Thanks to our extremely well-behaved, long-lasting cosmetics, you’ll be able to carry out your daily errands without thinking or worrying about your makeup.


Skin & WellBeing



For the healthiest skin it is most important to pay close attention to what we feed it from inside, as well as outside. Our skin is our largest organ, yet it is at the end of the food chain when it comes to nutrients put into our bodies. Rarely do skin conditions become life threatening and so health professionals only give recommended daily amounts of key vitamins and minerals to stop us getting ill, not for optimal health.

Skin & Wellbeing is committed to using only the best ingredients to deliver the optimal daily amounts of vitamins and minerals in the most easily absorbed ingredients.

About Us

The Online Beauty Store (TOBS) aims to help create skin that is healthy from within and enhanced naturally from the outside.

TOBS is the UK authorised stockist of the leading brands Poppy Sloane Cosmetics and Skin & Wellbeing nutritional supplements.